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Connie Nesbary is an advocate, speaker, author, and musician.  She is a visionary leader with a vision for a world without violence, and her mission is to promote courage and compassion through understanding.

With a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Lesley University (Cambridge, MA), Connie has been a Licensed Professional Counselor and Limited Licensed Psychologist in Michigan for over 25 years. Her specialty areas include post-trauma recovery, depression, anxiety, and autism spectrum disorders. 

Connie is a Star Behavioral Health Provider clinician trained to work with the military, and she has extensive experience in working with sexual abuse and trauma survivors and veterans. In addition, Connie worked for 3 years as the statewide Clinical Manager for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society-Michigan Chapter organizing workshops on best practices for working with people with multiple sclerosis and providing individual support.



Past workshops were given at (not limited to):  Tufts University, University of Massachusetts-Boston, Oakland University (MI), conferences in Maine, Canada, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Michigan, the Virgin Islands, as well as radio and TV interviews on topics such as domestic violence, professional ethics, and trauma recovery.



2010  Outstanding Citizenship Award – City of Muskegon, Muskegon, MI
2007 Codman Award presented by Governor Jennifer Granholm as a member of the Henry Ford Behavioral Health team for success with the Zero Suicide prevention program
2002  Make a Difference Award – National MS Society-Michigan Chapter
1992 Finalist for the Albert Schweitzer Award, Cambridge, MA

Connie has served on numerous statewide and local boards including the Massachusetts Mental Health Counselor’s Association, the Michigan Association of Professional Psychologists, Parenting University Board, Child Abuse Council, S.S. Milwaukee Clipper Preservation, Inc. Board, neighborhood association boards, and more.  She currently volunteers with the Suicide Prevention Coalition in her local area.

Connie enjoys spending time with her family, learning new things, meeting new people, playing the piano and stringed instruments, traveling, and photography. She loves contributing to the well-being of her community and her world.



“I have had the privilege of working with Connie Nesbary during her time at Henry Ford Behavioral Health Systems.  ….. She has shown an ability to work with very traumatized patients that is not so common in the mental health field.”  Al Garmo, M.D.

“Ms. Nesbary has demonstrated considerable clinical knowledge and skills in her work with individuals and families…. It is apparent that she cares about the clients she works with and respects that each has specific strengths that can be brought to bear in joint problem-solving.”  Debra Kade, MSW CSW, Development Centers Inc.

“Connie loves to bring out the very best in people in her dedication to help others. She pushes me to aim for my dreams, and I’m very happy to have a mentor that cares for me.”  D. Smith

“What keeps me going is knowing that you are helping others in some way like you helped me. God gave you this talent of helping others out of depression and bettering their lives, and I know you use your talent even when you think you’re not.”  C. White

“Our history and bondage we must uncover and lift to light where it is no longer a private torment, but a human challenge to recover justice and refuse the atrocities that befall any member of the living community. You, who are a model of courage in many ways vivid to me, and certainly in many more ways than I know, are to be blessed. I give thanks for your honesty and your bravery and your perseverance.”  Megan

“Thank you for all that you do! I appreciate every time with you so much. Your insight and suggestions and intuitions and sorting have all been put to good use with me. You are a wonderful woman. I’m glad to know you!”  Isabel

“Thank you so much for including me in your documentary. I really enjoyed the interview – it felt so easy to talk to you. I can’t wait to hear the whole documentary.  I’m totally impressed with all you’re doing. Best of luck with all the organization interviews next week – very impressive… ” Donna Jenson, Time to Tell

“You were a pleasure to speak to, Connie! Thank you so much for helping me feel comfortable and making it fun! I can’t wait to see how the project [radio documentary] turns out, and I’m sure it will be great!”  Sarah Hodges, Creator of Hodges Coaching LLC


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DISCLAIMER:  Connie Nesbary, MA LPC LLP is an independent Licensed Professional Counselor and a Limited Licensed Psychologist in the State of Michigan. Consulting/mentoring services are provided for individuals and businesses, as well as training workshops through Connie Nesbary International LLC. Services do not constitute providing individual or group counseling or therapy. If those services are needed, contact your insurance company or your local community mental health agency for referrals, or if you are in crisis call 911 for immediate assistance. You may reach the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.