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Connie Nesbary is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Limited Licensed Psychologist in Michigan. Over the past two decades, she has worked with hundreds of clients in recovering from post-trauma stress from a wide range of circumstances. She has specialized training as a Star Behavioral Health Provider to work with military veterans. 

Ms. Nesbary has spoken widely at national and statewide conferences, college classes, and local events. She has done radio and TV interviews on topics of domestic violence, trauma recovery, and professional ethics. She has served on many statewide and local boards and currently volunteers with a suicide prevention committee.

“Connie loves to bring out the very best in people in her dedication to help others. She pushes me to aim for my dreams, and I’m very happy to have a mentor that cares for me.”  D. Smith

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Work with Connie Nesbary International LLC

Connie Nesbary International LLC is a company with a vision for a world without violence and a mission to promote compassion through understanding. Projects include podcasts, educational training, motivational speaking, and consulting. If you are courageous, compassionate and/or creative, please message me to request to be interviewed for upcoming podcasts.

I recently completed a 4-hour documentary and am excited to announce the release of “Criminal Sexual Conduct: What Needs to Change?” in September 2017. Click here for the full press release and updates on air times.

As a result, I was a panel presenter on the issue of rape trafficking on Oct. 30th at Muskegon Community College, along with Senator Judy Emmons, Professor David Manville from Eastern Michigan University and Anny Donewald, author of “Dancing for the Devil.” Thank you to Andy O’Riley at for interviewing Anny and me on October 17, 2017. This panel is available to tour to college campuses.


Next up? The Beautiful Shame Campaign Retreat scheduled for May 2018. More information soon!




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DISCLAIMER:  Connie Nesbary, MA LPC LLP is an independent Licensed Professional Counselor and a Limited Licensed Psychologist in the State of Michigan. Consulting/mentoring services are provided for individuals and businesses, as well as training workshops through Connie Nesbary International LLC. Services do not constitute providing individual or group counseling or therapy. If those services are needed, contact your insurance company or your local community mental health agency for referrals, or if you are in crisis call 911 for immediate assistance. You may reach the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.